The ‘gem’ amongst espresso machines…
DIAMANT was created to draw attention with its beautiful design and genuine quality. DIAMANT is one of the most sophisticated espresso machines available. The DIAMANT maintains traditional values while introducing technological innovations and high-class finishing touches ideal for upscale establishments.


The DIAMANT is equipped with an advanced system of temperature control, through PID technology, which results in absolute temperature stability. Other standout features of the DIAMANT include separate boilers for each brew group, multi-functional digital display and an auto steam arm. DIAMANT also comes equipped with two lever-controlled steam arms and two tea outlets - one with three programmable volumes.

The name says it all... it is a diamond!

Models Available

  • 2 Group Multi-Boiler High Group (01300234)
  • 3 Group Multi-Boiler High Group (01300342)

Key Features

  • Maximum precision temperature control using PID technology
  • PID boiler temperature display
  • Multi-Boiler technology
  • Adjustable setting of extraction time
  • Adjustable electronic pre-infusion
  • Shot clock
  • Grind setting adjustment warning notice
  • Four programmable doses per group
  • Coffee counting, per group
  • Multi functional key pads and digital display
  • Advertising display
  • Colour light adjustment
  • Daily machine auto-switch ON/OFF
  • Maintenance management, with service program reminders
  • Low water level automatic cut off
  • Low boiler water level warning light
  • Automatic boiler refill
  • Automatic back-flush program
  • Built in Volumetric pump and motor
  • Pump pressure gauge
  • 3 steam taps - 2 lever action and 1 equipped with temperature sensor control
  • 2 tea outlets - 1 with 3 programmable volumes


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