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By far the most popular EXPOBAR model, the MEGA CREM is an extremely reliable and stylish espresso machine that rivals its more expensive competitors.


Hand built by skilled professionals, with only the best quality components, this machine demonstrates EXPOBAR’S strong attitude towards quality craftsmanship and technology. User friendly functions include: illuminated blue touch pads to control the dose of coffee at the touch of a button, direct pre-infusion, steam pressure gauge, automatic boiler refill and an automatic back-flush program for each group.

Models Available

  • 1 Group Standard Compact (01450120) with High Group (01450124)
  • 1 Group Standard with Grinder (01450122) and High Group (01450123)
  • 2 Group Standard Compact (1450220) with High Group (01450224)
  • 2 Group Standard (01450230) with High Group (01450234)
  • 3 Group Standard (01450340) with High Group (01450344)
  • 4 Group Standard (01450440) with High Group (01450444)


Key Features

  • Volumetric/Semi Automatic Control
  • Four programmable doses per group
  • Manual override group switch
  • Direct pre-infusion chamber
  • Individual heat exchangers for optimum group temperature
  • 99.99% pure copper boiler with thermosyphon
  • Automatic Boiler Refill
  • Automatic back-flush program
  • Built in volumetric motor and pump
  • Two steam arms and one hot water outlet


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